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FAQ VoIP Services

Below are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our VoIP Services. Click on the applicable question to get the answer.

Where do I access my VoIP Account?

Below this website, you will find a link titled “My VoIP Account“. You may click on it whenever you forget the URL that was emailed to you along with your login details when your VoIP account was created. Please keep your login details safe to prevent unauthorized calls on your account. You are in control of your own account and must ensure that your login details are kept safe; just like your internet bank account.

What should I do when I forgot my VoIP Login details?

Just go to “My VoIP Account” and click on “Forgot Password”. Instructions will then be emailed to you. Please ensure that you keep your contact information up to date whenever you are logged-in to ensure that your billing information is up to date on invoices.

Why NOT share login details with Technical Support?

Just like your bank account, you must never supply anybody with your VoIP account login details. Our technical support staff can access everything needed to support you with your VoIP account. Hackers may pose as support staff and if you provide anybody with your login details, you will become vulnerable to unauthorized use and expenses on your account. You alone remain responsible for call expenses on your account.

If you are concerned about the potential abuse of your account, you can always change your password or else you can limit the Prepaid amount available on your account. If your account reach a zero balance, payable calls outside our network will be declined.

Why do I get an Invoice when I am on a VoIP Prepaid Account?

Invoices reflect your actual call expenses at the end of each month. The invoice is emailed to you for TAX purposes and not as a reminder to make any payments. You may claim VAT during your regular VAT submissions, or you may reflect call expenses during your annual TAX returns if you are not VAT registered. Please note that you are only invoiced for actual expenses and not for Prepaid Deposits. The balance of your Prepaid Deposits will be refunded if you close your VoIP account, and can thus not be invoiced until used.

How do I recharge my VoIP Prepaid Account?

You can recharge your VoIP Prepaid Account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the following bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Holder: Unimax
Account No: 411412833
Centurion: 012645

Use your “First Name/Company Name” as specified by you in your VoIP Account as reference during payments to help identify your payment. Your Prepaid VoIP Account will be recharged within 24 hours (Monday to Thursday) from the time your payment is reflected in the mentioned bank account. Payments on a Friday and weekends will only be allocated on the first workday after the weekend or public holiday. Proof of payments can also be emailed to to speed up the recharge process.

Why a different bank account for VoIP Prepaid Airtime?

Our VoIP services are essentially FREE; we do not charge interconnect fees, monthly account or line rental fees, and neither do we charge for calls to numbers on our network like all other VoIP or telephone service providers.  Someone must however pay for your calls to other networks like any of the cellular or landline service providers, although at a much reduced price due to the massive combined buying power of all our customers. The Unimax bank account is exclusively used for bulk airtime purchases from all other networks, and by paying directly to this account, it saves us unnecessary administration, which may result in monthly administrative charges for you. We much rather prefer in keeping our administration to the bare minimum and thereby saving you the expenses.

Why are outgoing international calls blocked by default?

Although you only pay for a local call at the destination country, which may even be less than a local call in South Africa, it may be tempting for your personnel to phone their friends of family in other countries. To avoid abuse, international calls are barred by default, however if you wish to allow international calls, you may submit a request for the removal of the call baring to specific countries.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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