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Below are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Affiliate Program. Click on the applicable question to get the answer.

What is the AmpleTech Affiliate Program?

AmpleTech offers the public and our customers the opportunity to earn referral income by recommending our products and services to family, friends and business associates. If you refer someone to us and that person order and pay for something available in our On-line Shop, we will pay you a referral commission. We firmly believe in “word of mouth” as a method to reach new customers, and like to reward our loyal customers and friends for spreading the word about us.

To become an Affiliate and earn referral commissions, you have to Register as an Affiliate and agree to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions. Our Affiliate Program is not open to anybody, we reserve the right to decline any application and we may even terminate an Affiliate account if necessary. We have very strict rules against spam, scams, overly aggressive marketing, negative marketing and anything that may reflect badly on AmpleTech’s reputation as a honourable and honest business.

What else do I need?

You must also have a PayPal Account where we can deposit your commission earnings and if you live in South Africa, you must also register for the PayPal services offered by First National Bank (FNB) in order to convert your foreign currency (Forex) commissions into South African Rand (ZAR) in order to transfer your PayPal funds to any South African bank.

AmpleTech provide advanced technological solutions to everyday situations, and therefore our Affiliate Program is completely automated to reduce human errors and to expedite payment processes.

New Questions

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